London UK | Toronto ON | Vancouver BC

moody electronica | left-field R&B | modern trap | 80’s alt pop

Chin Injeti, The Living, and Shallom Johnson formed Suffer The Children in early 2016, riding out the last weeks of a long Pacific Northwest winter. It was a meeting of three travellers who had all made plans to be somewhere else that January – but ended up foregoing LA, London and Cape Town to stay and write songs in Vancouver.

STC developed out of a mutual need to prioritize three things: intelligent songwriting, honest collaboration, and the freedom to experiment as friends and creators – without a specific end goal in mind.

Fast forward a year and a half and this casual connection has developed into an emerging project whose sound spans across genres and disciplines.

Having released a suite of three singles (Killing Hands, Someone To Lose, Doesn't Mean We're Free) and an EP (North Wind) over the course of 2017, Suffer The Children’s next single – a collaboration with J. Cole – drops on 25.08.18.


chin injeti

Production: Three-time Grammy award winner (Drake, Eminem, Aloe Blacc)

Chin has a love for 80’s b-boy culture and vintage synths. He counts among his personal influences Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, and David Bowie.  



shallom johnson

Songwriter / Creative Director / Vocals

Shallom’s musical tastes tend toward melancholia with solo piano and acoustic guitar. She grew up in a log house in the middle of a deep forest, and still believes the trees are saying things.



The Living 

Lead Vocalist: (Estelle, Leona Lewis, Cee-lo Green)

Rian has a love for green juices and vintage clothing, along with Michael Jackson, Prince, and Bob Marley.